Artist Statement

I create out of my own personal quest to convey the messages that come to me through my connection to Spirit. Creating art is a meditation, intimacy with the Divine, and my dialogue with the Universe. As I transform my visions into a tangible form they take on a life of their own. By communicating my understanding of these totems through my artwork others can also benefit from their inspirations, gifts and lessons.

Various animals, birds, and plants come to me through my experiences in the natural world, my personal relationships, & by way of my dreams. I create with intention and am able to evoke the necessary elements that my muse has to offer. For further inspiration I look to the various symbolism, tales, alchemy, and indigenous depictions of my subjects. Color, texture, and lighting play an important part in conveying the mood and conjuring up the proper amount of magic that each specific creature or element has to give us.  My imagery reveals universal states of emotional being that connect us all, skin, scales, fur, and feathered alike. Although, I love exploring all types of visual media, acrylic paint, watercolor, & wood burning are my favorite means of expressing my craft!

I feel truly privileged to have been given the task of being a Visual Interpreter. I am grateful for my loving connection to the natural world and the gift I have been given to view this world through the eyes of an artist. I give thanks and praises to all of the loving and supportive friends and family I walk this path with. I am honored to share my visions with you. May they bring you strength and help you feel closer to your own heart, as well as the pulse of the Universe.

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Kristen Holmberg Studio