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Welcome, I’m Kristen. Thank you for inviting my offering of Bear Medicine into your life! 

It is my hope that you gain newfound wisdom through the supportive allyship of this animal through my artwork. May my imagery feed your creative juices and awaken your sense of wonder as you gather inspiration from the rhythms, gifts, and lessons that Bear Medicine has to offer. 

Feel inspired as you integrate this image into your daily environment. It will serve as an inspirational reminder of your connection to the power of this animal and allow you to develop a transformative relationship with its Medicine. 

Download this image as a screensaver on your phone or desktop. You can also print it out and place it on your desk, fridge or altar. In this way the visual imagery becomes a tool for self healing and connectivity.

Kristen Holmberg

Bear invites you into a lighthearted exploration of your surroundings to gather the juiciest resources for your next creative project.

Allow your Creative Spirit to be drawn into the cave with Mother Bear for some cozy dreamtime. Within this protected place you can tap into the most primal levels of your profound connection to Source.

May you surrender completely as you are guided by Bear Medicine in manifesting your inspirations from deep within your sacred space.

Download this Image:

~ As a screensaver on your phone by holding your finger on  the image. Follow the prompt to save it to your photos.

~ As a screensaver on your computer by dragging it onto your desktop.

Print this Image:

Place it on your desk, fridge or altar.

Visual Connection:

~ Use this image as a focal point for meditation.

~ Having this artwork in your environment will assist you in integrating the essence of this animal medicine into your life.

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