February: Art Workshops

Snake Medicine  

Release, Regenerate, & Emerge

In the unfolding from Winter’s sleep we find ourselves in a time of compelling transition

Snake provides transformative healing properties that will guide you through your

creative evolution with grace and ease.

Awaken from a place of inner knowing as you replenish your vitality through the creation of your own Sacred Art.


Summon Snake Medicine

Utilize the transformative properties of Snake Medicine to release old patterns, ignite your intuitive powers and expand into your brilliance..


Generate Art

During this potent time of self healing and introspection experience rejuvenation by creating art that has personal meaning.


Emerge Renewed

Emerge from your transformation with a fresh perspective and breathe radiant energy into your next creative endeavor.


Class Icon Snake

Conjure the potency of Snake Medicine to: 

  • Honor that which you have outgrown as you let go with compassion.
  • Connect to your intuition as you move through the transformation of your Visionary Spirit.  
  • Gain wisdom that is derived from reflection on your own experiences through your creative expression.
  • Harness your radiance as you emerge from your expansive transition with a renewed perspective.
  • Breathe new life into your future endeavors!

Join me for a unique art experience as we invite

the transformative power of Snake Medicine to support us through creative

expression, ritual, and connecting with the rhythms of nature.

Create your own Sacred Art

In these workshops you will receive: 

  • A Sacred Space to Safely Express Yourself 
  • Guided Visualization & Ritual to Set Your Intentions
  • Journaling Time for Deeper Awareness of Animal Medicine 
  • I’ll give you Art Instruction to Support Your Artistic Vision
  • Design your unique Snake symbol to honor your transformation and decorate them with dazzling metallics to remind you of your brilliance.
  • Plus the joy of creating in community!

In these interactive workshops, I will guide you in

creating your own sacred artwork that will serve as a daily reminder for you to

trust your intuition and honor your continued growth.

Register for Snake Medicine Art Workshops

ONLINE CLASS (90 min.)

February 25, 2023 (SATURDAY)


On Zoom


Upon registration you will receive an email with the ZOOM link as well as a list of simple items to gather for our class time together.


Online Experience includes:

  • Guided Visualization & Ritual
  • Journaling
  • Creating in Community
  • Art making time with simple supplies and guided instruction.
  • Creative Expression Includes: Drawing & Ink Techniques
Snake Medicine #2


February 26, 2023  (SUNDAY)


Pleasant Hill, Ca.

$145                         Class size is limited to 8 

Upon registration you will receive an email with the exact location for our class as well as simple preparations for our class time together.


In Person Experience includes:

  • Guided Visualization & Ritual
  • Journaling
  • Creating in Community
  • Hands-on art making time with a variety of supplies, techniques, and guided instruction. 
  • Art Project Includes: Drawing, Inking, Coloring, & Painting
  • All art supplies and tools will be provided.

Tasty Teas, light snacks, and a warm ambiance will enhance our time together. 

Snake Medicine #1
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Art Workshops are open to all who come in a good way.

All Levels Welcome!

Each workshop has been designed to accommodate multiple skill levels.

I offer a variety of scaffolding for beginning, intermediate and advanced participants to be successful at creating a unique piece of sacred art that has character and meaning.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. innerluna@gmail.com

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I look forward to supporting you in uncovering the mysteries of your unique artistry as you explore and integrate Animal Medicine into your life through creative expression.

Creatively Yours,

Kristen Holmberg Paradiso