May: Art Workshops

Hummingbird Medicine  

Infinite Joy and Delight!

 Feel the vibration of Springs bounty ignite feelings of joy and celebration! 


Hummingbird emanates an infinite cycle of beauty encouraging you to set positive intentions as you savor the present moment.  


Call forth your happiness and experience absolute joy through the

creation of your own Sacred Art.


Embrace Hummingbird Medicine

Drink in the blissful energy of Hummingbird Medicine allowing gratitude to

flow from your heart enhancing your outward expansion.


Create Art

Feel confidence in creating art that has character and personal meaning by

giving yourself permission to fully embrace your happiness!


Feel the Love

Sip the sweet nectar of life enhancing your capacity to draw love in and

express love out through all that you create.


Join us for a unique art experience as we invite

the lighthearted energy of Hummingbird Medicine to encourage us through creative

expression, ritual, and connecting with the rhythms of nature.

Class Icon Hummingbird

Rejoice with Hummingbird Medicine as you: 

  • Express positive intentions for your life.
  • Relish the beauty of the present moment. 
  • Soak in the blessings around you, elevating your expansion. 
  • Experience joy through your creative process.
  • Emanate love from a place of deep gratitude.

Create your own Sacred Art

In these workshops you will receive: 

  • A Sacred Space to Safely Express Yourself 
  • Guided Visualization & Ritual to Set Your Intentions
  • Journaling Time for Deeper Awareness of Animal Medicine 
  • I’ll give you Art Instruction to Support Your Artistic Vision
  • Create a unique kaleidoscope design of floral motifs and hummingbird magic using bright colors to attract more love, beauty, and joy into your life. 
  • Plus the joy of creating in community!

In these interactive workshops, I will guide you in

creating your own sacred artwork that will serve as a beautiful expression of your

connection to the joy and love that delights your soul.

Special Guest

I am delighted to have Kim Forcina welcome Hummingbird Medicine into our

hearts through Guided Visualization in both workshops!


Reverend Kim Forcina is Spiritual Guide & Creativity Coach who believes laughter is medicine.  She works with her clients to develop new ways to approach creative projects, emotional balance, self-empowerment and living from Spirit.  Kim creates and teaches intuitive energy tools to bring rejuvenation to all levels of the mind, body and spirit.  Her coaching, guided visualizations, and sacred sound healing help deepen the connections to our inner wisdom, which is the best place for lasting change to take root in our lives.

Kim is a Priestess with Sacred Vision, a life-long Creative & Healer

Register for

Hummingbird Medicine Art Workshops

ONLINE CLASS (90 min.)

May 20, 2023 (SATURDAY)


On Zoom


Upon registration you will receive an email with the ZOOM link as well as a list of simple items to gather for our class time together.


Online Experience includes:

  • Guided Visualization & Ritual
  • Journaling
  • Creating in Community
  • Art making time with simple supplies and guided instruction.
  • Creative Expression Includes: Drawing, Chalk & Oil Pastel Coloring


May 21, 2023  (SUNDAY)


Pleasant Hill, Ca.

$145                         Class size is limited to 8

Upon registration you will receive an email with the exact location for our class as well as simple preparations for our class time together.


In Person Experience includes:

  • Guided Visualization & Ritual
  • Journaling
  • Creating in Community
  • Hands-on art making time with a variety of supplies, techniques, and guided instruction. 
  • Art Project Includes: Drawing, Inking, Chalk & Oil Pastel Coloring
  • All art supplies and tools will be provided.

Tasty Teas, light snacks, and an inviting ambiance will enhance our time together. 

FG-HumB detial
Class Icon Hummingbird

Art Workshops are open to all who come in a good way.

All Levels Welcome!

Each workshop has been designed to accommodate multiple skill levels.

I offer a variety of scaffolding for beginning, intermediate and advanced participants to be successful at creating a unique piece of sacred art that has character and meaning.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

 Stay informed about future art workshops

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I look forward to supporting you in uncovering the mysteries of your unique artistry as you explore and integrate Animal Medicine into your life through creative expression.

Creatively Yours,

Kristen Holmberg Paradiso