art work by Kristen Holmberg

Testimonial Category: Commission Review

Kathryn Hirt

Collaborating with Kristen on having a spirit painting was itself a spiritual experience. I felt as though the magic of the painting already began with my first conversation with her, which just accelerated my investment in it all the more so. I rarely feel so seen, understood, and “gotten” by someone on as many levels as I felt with Kristen, as I articulated what was inspiring me to want this painting, and we colluded to manifest my vision. I am deeply grateful to her for every part of her participation in this process, the painting being just one very important part of it, along with her wisdom, heart, and sisterhood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the painting you made for me, Kristen.

Jeff Wright

“I am very blessed to have Kristen Holmberg’s art in my life. Kristen’s painting is the most accurate, complete and heartfelt expression of my life’s intention I could ever imagine anyone creating for me. This painting hangs in the center of my home and serves as a daily reminder of my life’s soul and prayer. I am eternally grateful for Kristen and how her creative intention touches my own life’s prayer.”

Danny Mahoney

“When I picked up my Medicine painting from Kristen, my eyes welled up with tears. She captured the essence of the Red Road in my life. Experiences she knew nothing about had been birthed on the canvas. I’m excited to see where the Medicine of this painting leads me.”