Wolf Medicine Art Project

Class Icon Wolf
wolf art supplies


  • 8 x10  Watercolor paper
  • Image of wolf to draw from(more detials below)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • eraser
  • compass (optional)
  • black sharpie
  • small 2x3 practice watercolor paper(optional)
  • watercolor set
  • watercolor brush
  • water
  • salt
  • paper towel or rag

Draw & Ink Your Wolf 


  • Choose a photo or a line drawing of a wolf as a reference. Google Image search: "Wolf" or "line drawing wolf"
  • Consider- full body, head, or paw print for your design.
  • Draw a pencil line drawing onto the 8x10 watercolor paper.

Drawing Technique Options:

  • Draw from looking at the photograph or line drawing on your computer or phone.
  • Print out the image you want to use and draw from that.
  • Grid~ Print out the image. Draw a 8x10 box around it. Create a 2"x2" grid over the image. Grid your 8x10 watercolor paper the same way. Use the grid to draw from.


Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to ink your original lines.


Fill Your Wolf with Your Intensions 

Create your final composition inside your wolf or paw based on images from your Free Flow Sketch. 

Fill the interior space of your Wolf with visual images that represent the different aspects of wolves and your community that you want to manifest and use as support going forward.

Create a unique design that incorporates:

  • Symbolic or representational aspects of wolves

  • Designs or symbols that represent your intension or goal for the new year.

  • Symbols that represent your communities role in supporting you in this endeavor.

  • Symbols that represent your offerings/gifts to your community.

Try to use visual symbols and imagery as much as possible to represent your desires.

If you choose to write out words, consider the font and the direction you write to reflect its meaning.

You can create your designs in pencil first and then ink them when you feel complete.

Watercolor Techniques

In this tutorial video I will show you how to use both the Wet on Wet and the Salt technique to complete your artwork!

Wolf January Project

Watercolor the Background

Use the Wet on Wet and Salt techniques to add color to the area around your wolf. 

You may leave a "halo" around your Wolf OR paint right up to the edge of your Wolf.

Use colors that express your feelings about wolves, your intentions, and/or your community.


May you continue to enjoy uncovering the mysteries of your unique artistry as you explore and integrate Wolf Medicine into your life by creating your sacred artwork.

Creatively Yours,

Kristen Holmberg Paradiso