Medicine Path: In a Good Way is more than a gorgeous book of paintings rendered through Kristen Paradiso’s intimate, artistic communications with Nature and Spirit.

It is also more than words of deep wisdom written by George Bertelstein, an elder teacher who has led others on a rich nuanced spiritual path for decades.

The transformative power of this book results from the synergy between visual and verbal, between Paradiso’s heartfelt paintings and Bertelstein’s soulful prose and poems. Images and words dance together in Medicine Path to create a radiant vision of what is possible when human beings collaborate with our Creator and the many beings, seen and unseen, who offer us their assistance and guidance.

This book shows us that if we pay attention, we discover that we are in a dynamic, fully animate world infused with Spirit.  We realize that we are held and supported by Mystery and that our lives can become a prayer that we offer with humility and gratitude to All That Is. May the images and words in this book inspire you on your own Medicine Path of sacred unfolding and homecoming.