Let me craft your

Medicine Painting

A Personalized Art Commission to elevate your life!

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What would your personal Medicine look like as a visual prayer?



I am Kristen.


I’m passionate about supporting people to use the power of visual imagery as a means for self healing.


It would be my honor to co-create a custom work of art that embodies your dreams and intentions through the guides, totems and symbols most supportive to your life path. 


Through art I feel a deep connection to the forces of nature that wish me well. I use my creativity to intentionally evoke my prayers and dreams. Art helps me to come back to my center, realign with my intentions, and connect to source.


My ongoing work with animal guides consistently informs my artistic vision and enhances the lives of those that view my work. The guidance of animals and other elemental forces transcend all boundaries to bring us clear and reliable support. 


30+ years of producing art, teaching art and creative expression has been an integral part of my growth process. This has assisted me in connecting to the natural and spiritual world in powerful ways. 


Imagine this piece of art becoming the visual altar for your unique prayer. 


Everytime you look at it you will regain focus as you are reminded of the affirmations you have initiated for your life, as well as the success you will experience along the way.


I would be delighted to use my gifts as an artist to assist you in your transformation and continued growth! 


Contact me and we can explore the visual possibilities of this sacred art created just for you.





I worked with Kristen to clarify the vision of my prayer for partnership. Her questions for me really helped me to find the clarity I was looking for. She sketched as we talked on the phone and the final reveal of my painting left me speechless. It’s my favorite painting I’ve ever seen! She painted my prayers SO exquisitely. I can’t stop looking at it. Such depth and loving care in the delicate details…powerful medicine for my dreams praying themselves into existence.  

 ~Abby Kojola







When I picked up my Medicine painting from Kristen, my eyes welled up with tears. She captured the essence of the Red Road in my life. Experiences she knew nothing about had been birthed on the canvas. I’m excited to see where the Medicine of this painting leads me.

~Danny Mahone

Mahoney's Vision
Spirit Bear





I am very blessed to have Kristen Holmberg’s art in my life. Kristen’s Painting is the most accurate, complete, and heartfelt expression of my life’s intention I could ever imagine anyone creating for me. This painting hangs in the center of my home and serves as a daily reminder of my life’s soul and prayer. I am eternally grateful for Kristen and how her creative intention touches my own life’s prayer.

~ Jeff Wright, Medicine Path NAC

Let’s co-create your

Medicine Painting

The intention I hold for you through this transformative process is that you deepen your connection to your path through this sacred art created just for you.


and live your intentions



with your higher purpose



with your guides 



the journey and 

beauty of your life!

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We’ll create your Medicine Painting in 2 steps:

1. Clarify your intentions for your life and your life-affirming Medicine Painting:


First you and I will meet, giving you the opportunity to share what you are envisioning for your life at this time. 


I will provide you with a beautiful journaling process to help you dream the themes, colors, shapes, seasons, animals, plants and elements that are in alignment with your highest good. (We’ll work together to weave these into your Medicine Painting)


I’ll support you in feeling seen and understood in ways that assist you in manifesting your deepest intentions.

2. I’ll design and create your personalized Medicine Painting:


I will mindfully weave together your unique guides, totems, and symbols as I create this piece of art just for you. 


The design I create with these elements will serve as your individual guide to your healing journey.


The essence of your aspirations will be synthesized with the colors and media that reflect your soul’s purpose.

Elevate your life with this visual altar!

Use this powerful tool to assist you in sustaining the transformation you have initiated. 

Your personal medicine painting will serve as a daily reminder of what you want for your life, so that every time you look at it you are filled with the beauty of your intentions. 

Enjoy displaying this sacred piece of art.

Invite your friends, family and community to celebrate your expansion through this visual representation of your intentions.

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Kali's Prayer






Kristen is so thoughtful in every detail, not only of her artistry,  but also in the process of communicating and collaborating. It truly feels like we made my painting together. The result is deeply personal, beautiful and alive.

~Kali Borkoski

Collaborating with Kristen on having a spirit painting was itself a spiritual experience. I felt as though the magic of the painting already began with my first conversation with her, which just accelerated my investment in it all the more so. I rarely feel so seen, understood, and “gotten” by someone on as many levels as I felt with Kristen, as I articulated what was inspiring to me to want this painting, and we colluded to manifest my vision. I am deeply grateful to her for every part of her participation in this process, the painting being just one very important part of it, along with her wisdom, heart, and sisterhood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the painting you made for me Kristen. 

~Kathryn Hirt

Kathryn's Wolves
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