Full Moons

Full Moon Painting Project

The idea for this body of work was born out of the pandemic. After losing my sense of time and order I realized this was going to be a long haul. Feeling lost in the cyclone of endless days and nights without structure I found myself needing a calculation to guide my existence. This was a chance to create my own clock honoring my connection to nature rather than the patriarchal structures previously dictating my world. The lunar cycle has always felt more in alignment with my personal rhythm. This was an opportunity to reclaim this connection from within. 


The names of the full moons for each month originate from some Native American traditions and the Farmer’s Almanac. As moon names are derived from major shifts in nature specific to time and place they may vary. Each month offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich pathways of the land, plants, animals, and weather of the Northern Hemisphere. These pathways hold the potency of ancient ways and our current reflections allow us to feel connected to All That Is. 


My process for creating these paintings evolved through the duration of this project. My first painting in May 2020 was very energizing. The Summer months felt easy and light. As I shifted into Fall, the uncharted territory of teaching online in a pandemic proved to be a chaotic whirlwind. I struggled to maintain my balance. My relationship to the moon and my craft gave me a new sense of hope. In October, I reclaimed my cycle by creating a fluid routine beginning at each New Moon.  This gestation time was spent in stillness with the upcoming Moon’s gifts. From there I wove dreams, meditation, sketches, image searches and layers of paint leading to the culmination of each full moon painting. As the phase of the moon waned I reflected on the month's lessons and regenerated my creative flow for the next cycle. May the dream within each Full Moon Painting guide your life this year bringing you back to the land, the plants, the animals, and your rightful place amongst them.