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FG-Bear detail
FG-HumB detial
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Manifest your dreams with Bear

Express love and joy with Hummingbird

Shed, connect, and emerge with Snake

Bear Medicine

Hummingbird Medicine

Snake Medicine

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I am an artist, a teacher, and a firm believer in using creative gifts to help cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world. It is my deepest intention that my artwork be used as a vehicle for our collective healing and connection.


The imagery I create integrates various symbolism, tales, alchemy, practices and teachings with animal, plant, and elemental Medicines. It is through my evolving relationship with these allies that their unique qualities and lessons are shared.


Artistic depictions of animal guides appeal to our visual senses, give us a focal point for contemplation, and inform our deeper understanding of their gifts. Our human experience is enhanced by the lessons these mentors provide. They are wonderful companions whose guidance is consistent and helpful.


I offer you this animal medicine image to assist you in expanding your relationship with art, animal medicine, and your own path.