art work by Kristen Holmberg

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Healing Guides

I made this piece as a Solstice gift to my Love, John Paradiso.

May it be of service to us all in difficult times.
May it help us to remember the strength we carry, the power we have inherently within our DNA to transform, & our ability to sore to new heights with the love we hold so dear.

All my Love!!


This piece was Inspired by suggestions from my dear Sisters, Kim Forcina & Susanne Caballero

It comes at a good time. Time to shed our skins as we break free into new discoveries about ourselves. We acknowledge the patterns we leave behind. Appreciating them for their service and instruction. Moving in new ways, we are free to grow into a new sense of Purpose. With this new growth our light shines brighter. Radiating up to illuminate our new direction.