art work by Kristen Holmberg

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Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear

The Spirit Bear stands.
His lover owl alights upon his paw.
His senses are awakened!

In his chest he holds the universe.
Medicine glows within his heart .
A dream catcher crown blesses his life.

San Pedro lends a kindly hand.
The chanupa’s of love release prayers of passion.
The Spirit Bear stands.

~Kamaria Jade 2012

Mystical Wisdom

Mystical Wisdom

Mystical Wisdom
Ancient trees stretch their limbs.
Inhabit sky
alive with a thousand twinkling universes.
Unfolding layers of moonlight
reveal unseen truths.

Swoop in
silent bearer of gifts.
Wings expand our kinship.
Connected by prophecy,
intertwining ambition with perception.

The World of Spirit,
accompanied by ancient knowledge.
Reinvent, evolve, trust the sight of closed eyes, open heart.
Find comfort in the unknown.
Truth brings further enlightenment. . .

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