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Eagle & Condor

Eagle & Condor

Condor represents the heart, intuition, mystical, & the feminine.
Eagle represents the mind, rational, material, & the masculine.

The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor says that during the 500 year period beginning in the 1990’s the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

The key word here is potential . . . take a moment to sit with these two different aspects within yourself. Which one resonates with you more? What can you do to find more connection with the one that resonates with you less? How can you manifest the union of these two powerful energies within yourself and your own life? How can you use this powerful union to express yourself in a way that uplifts those around you?

Mitakuye Oyasin