Animal Medicine

Art Workshops

Express your Creative Magic through Animal Wisdom



Join me for a unique art experience as we invite the wisdom of Animal Medicine to guide us through creative expression, ritual, and connecting

with the rhythms of nature.


Engage In Ritual                 Create Art                 Generate Connection


Gain an expansive connection to Animal Medicine as you uncover the mysteries of your unique artistry through their wisdom.


Weave together your inspirations, and creative expression through ritual and connect more deeply to the rhythms, gifts, and cycles of nature.


Create community relationships in a safe and supportive environment that fosters imagination, growth, and creative expression.

About Kristen. . .

As an artist and a teacher, I am a firm believer in the transformative power of creative expression as a potent tool to cultivate an intimate connection to the natural world. It is my deepest intention to offer my students sacred space to create their own artwork that can be used for personal healing and deeper connection. 


In each class we will weave together inspiration, creative expression, and animal medicine through ritual to connect us to the rhythms, gifts, and cycles of nature.


Artistic depictions of animal guides appeal to our visual senses, give us a focal point for contemplation, and inform our deeper understanding of their gifts. They are wonderful companions whose guidance is consistent and helpful. Feed your creative juices and awaken your sense of wonder as you express your connection to their gifts through your own unique artwork.


I offer these workshops to assist you in uncovering the mysteries of your unique artistry as you explore and integrate Animal Medicine into your life through creative expression.


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Animal Guides 2023

Join me for upcoming Art Workshops dedicated to specific Animal Medicine throughout the year!




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Join us… 

In each workshop you will receive:


A Sacred Space to Safely Express Yourself In


Guided Visualization & Ritual to Set Your Intentions


Journaling Time for Deeper Awareness of Animal Medicine 


Professional Art Instruction to Support Your Artistic Vision


Abundant Art Making Time!


Community Connections

Art Supplies

For all In Person Workshops art supplies will be provided. 

For all Online Workshops a detailed list of art supplies will be given for you to gather and bring to our class time.


Art Experience

Art Workshops are open to all who come in a good way.

All Levels Welcome! Each workshop has been designed to accommodate multiple skill levels. I offer many ways for beginning, novice and advanced participants to be successful at creating a unique piece of sacred art that has character and meaning.


Kristen’s snake medicine class was the perfect combination of meditation, spiritual reflection, community discussion, artistic instruction, and empowering expression. I walked away from the class feeling good about not only what I had created, but also about how what I made me feel about myself. Since taking the class, I’ve been pondering how what we talked about is relevant in my life. I loved it and hope to join in again!

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Animal Medicine Art Workshops

Engage with each Animal Guide, allowing them to speak to your Spirit through the creative process!

Class Icon Hummingbird

MAY: Hummingbird Medicine

Infinite Joy & Delight!

ONLINE   Art Class                     5/20 SATURDAY   10:30am-12pm(Pacific)

On Zoom 

IN PERSON  Art Workshop     5/21 SUNDAY   1pm-4pm(Pacific)

Pleasant Hill, CA


Class Icon Snake

FEBRUARY: Snake Medicine

Release, Regenerate, and Emerge

ONLINE   Art Class                     2/25 SATURDAY   10:30am-12pm(Pacific)

On Zoom 

IN PERSON  Art Workshop     2/26 SUNDAY   1pm-4pm(Pacific)

Pleasant Hill, CA


Class Icon Wolf

JANUARY: Wolf Medicine

Call in Clarity, Connection & Creativity!

IN PERSON  Art Workshop     1/22 SUNDAY   1pm-4pm(Pacific)

Goddess Gatherings in Lafayette, CA

ONLINE   Art Class                     1/28 SATURDAY   10:30am-12pm(Pacific)

On Zoom